Fabric care instructions

To extend the lifespan of your napery, please ensure your washing machine and dryer are in good working order with no rough areas that may snag fabric.

All napery should be free of debris such as food & wax.

For stain removal at an industrial laundry we recommend a blend of emulsifier and powder.

For stain removal domestically, we recommend Eucalyptus wool mix as a first option. If unsuccessful we suggest Coloursafe Vanish and rub with hot water. We do not recommend Napisan.

  • Do not overload the washing machine
  • All of our fabrics can be tumble dried on medium heat
  • Do not dry clean our fabrics

We recommend steam pressing all of our fabrics. Irons can be used on a low/medium setting. We DO NOT recommend placing our fabrics through industrial laundry roller machines as they ruin the weave fabrics & stretch the seams.


Laundry bags

We can custom make laundry bags with your company logo printed on the front to store your table napery &/or to send to your laundry.

Rubber table protectors

We are able to custom make rubber/foam table protectors for your boardroom or dining table.

Linen tags

We are able to sew your logo on to your table cloths &/or napkins for identification.